Jul 20, 2011

Lavish your melody

শ্রাবণের ধারার মতো
Sraaboner dharar moto (audio)

Lavish your melody on my face
Lavish your songs on my heart
In ceaseless cascades from the sky
In torrents of a mighty rain

From the east, like the tender sun
Tunes that waft and shine
On my senses, on my sight,
Cleansing out my deepest dark

Lavish your music everyday
Let my smiles soak them up
Lavish your music everyday
Let my tears be submerged

Fruitless, bud-less twigs of mine
Toss them with your sodden breeze,
Lavish your music like the rain
Reaching through my maladies

Lavish your tunes like the rains 
Stroking broken, buried beds
Lavish your tunes everyday
Relieving my crave, my yen

(another version for rendition in English - listen to the English rendition here)

Raining melodies
Let it rain let it rain
All the tunes you make
On my heart, on my face

From the east, like the sun
Tender on my waking eyes
In the dark in the night
Raining down on my heart
Raining melodies
in my tears on my smiles

Raining on my branches
where my flowers don't ever sprout
Waking, refreshing me
With your sodden breezy bout

Raining melodies
on my broken buried beds
Raining melodies
on my sorrow, breathless seeds
Raining melodies
Sooth my craving sooth my yen

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