Jul 27, 2011

The quintessence of rains

আজ বরষার রূপ হেরি মানবের মাঝে
Aaj borshar roop

The quintessence of rains
In humanity I see today

She marches with a rumble
Decked in all her finery
Her heart rages in a dance
Of a force terrifying
Ahead and on she hurtles
Swallowing the horizons
Goaded by an impulse unknown
Clouds converge in confrontation
Colliding in a crack of thunder

In clusters deep and dense
They parade together
Towards the far beyond
What for they do not know

They know not that
At the foothills of some mountain
Dissolve they will into raindrops
They know not that
Lurking in their pomp and grandeur
Rules the awesome spectre of death

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