Jul 6, 2011

My lamp gently died in the gust

দীপ নিবে গেছে মম নিশীথসমীরে
Deep nibhe gechhe momo
Audio: Srikanta Acharya

My lamp gently died in the gust at night
But don't let the darkness turn you away,
When you approach with a soft heart

In the profuse dimness of your path,
The telling perfume of the tuberose
Will lead you up to your shrine
When you show up, with yielding steps

I dream that my remembrance
Will dawn in your memory--
And so I keep voicing my songs
As I await your promise,
With my unbroken vigil.

But fear lingers--
In case I fall asleep in my weariness,
In case I miss you, in the last hour,
In case, my voice falters
And I lose my melodic call!


  1. This is just brilliant... Sincerely speaking, nothing can be compared with the original one, though :)