Jul 17, 2011

When night had not yet taken leave

কেন যামিনী না যেতে জাগালে না
Keno jamini na jete jagale na

Why did you not awaken me?
When night had not yet taken leave
The hour is late now, I die of shame
How do I go onto the thoroughfare?
My feet cringe in embarrassment

Curling up with the kiss of light
Wilts the Shefali in bashfulness
The Kamini in a dishevelled state
Holds herself together somehow

Spent after a night long vigil
The lamp sighs in relief
When put out by the morning breeze
After lighting up the night sky
The moon conceals its face
Seeking refuge in the azure

Flies by the bird chirping “Night, it has gone”
Women go past laden with their pitchers
How do I go to work tresses undone?
Tumbling down in wild abandon

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