Jul 14, 2011

What disquiets you, voyager

কেন পান্থ, এ চঞ্চলতা
Keno pantho e choncholota (audio: Hemanta Mukhopadhyay)

What disquiets you, voyager,
Have you heard bleak missives
From faraway spaces in the sky?

Your aching, expectant eyes
Betray parting blues,
Tumbling tresses cloud your face
Lightning, your loving consort,
Sleeps with languor

In the dusty bloom of Kadamba,
Secrets rustle in the wind
Whispers rise of a yearning earth
Once blithely washed by rains.

But have patience, hold your own,
The bridal garland is yet untouched
Savory jasmine yet kiss your feet,
And entrust to you it's pensive beauty.

Kadamba is a tropical tree native to Bengal. The genus name is "Lamarckia".

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