Jul 7, 2011

You seem to have strayed

জানি জানি তুমি এসেছ
Jani jani tumi eshechho

You seem to have strayed
Aimlessly on this path
Very well, for you
I eagerly open my gates

Empty of decor you arrived
I miss your ankle bells,
The chimes of your very eloquence;
Very well, come as you have
In austere simplicity
There in my garden
Maloti* blossoms flutter and fall
Pick them up, won't you
And adorn your loose tresses

I am unprepared for you
My lute too, is not tuned
Very well, let us meet
In my heart's room of silence
As cascades of rain,
Resonant in the woods
Play to the melody of my being,
A fleeting, wafting drift
In its cadent flow
Startles and cradles my heart.

*Maloti - a creeper that flowers in monsoon

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