Feb 23, 2012

She seems distraught

উদাসিনী-বেশে বিদেশিনী কে সে
*Udashini beshe bideshini ke she (audio: Debabrata Biswas)

She seems distraught, an exotic sort,
                              Unknown she may be
Mirage of mine, I sketch her shrine,
                           With colors close to me.

Eastward drifts made her soar
                 Farther from my wasted shore
Lost beyond the distant blue
                 With assailing haste at sea.

I fondly gaze with lonesome laze
                                        At the all-escaping surge,
The waves that leave, don't conceive,
                                         A reappearing urge.

I know she stays beyond my might,
                         Yet I seek to rest my plight,
A niche to store my troubled score
                      Through the music of my plea.

* an attempt has been made to restore the original rhythm

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