Feb 29, 2012

Will I never grasp my muse

 হায় রে, ওরে যায় না কি জানা
*Ore jay na ki jana (audio: Nilima Sen)

O -- alas
Will I never know my muse!
My anxious eyes entreat to meet her
Yet she is diffuse
o -- alas

On unseen trails she comes and goes
Her steps I heed like a telling prose
An aura wafts about in drifts
A hint, a cue abstruse
o -- alas

How can I convey my stir
I wait along the path for her

My heart beholds in eventide, a play
Of colours washed in shade and light, a lay
Of fallen buds on earth sublime
A bed of blossom-blues
o -- alas

* An attempt has been made to restore the original rhythm of the song to be able to sing in English

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