Feb 21, 2012

Bearing a heart full of woe

হৃদয়বেদনা বহিয়া
hridoyobedona bohiya

I come to your door O God
Bearing a heart full of woe
You can read my mind
O Lord of my heart
You are the all-knowing –
All my pain, shame, wants and crisis
Whom else can I tell?

Much have I erred, O Lord
Ensnared by temptations
None in this world but You
Can ever forgive me, O God

I’ll renounce all my desires
Immersing them in Your sea of love
I’ll forget my pain of separation
In the sweetness of union with You

I can no longer think through my thoughts
Relieve me by taking up my load
Ferry this weary soul, O God
Across the ocean of this world

- 1888

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