Feb 23, 2012

In drifts of high spring my blossoming song

চৈত্রপবনে মম চিত্তবনে
*Chaitra pabane / Choitro pobone (audio: Debabrata Biswas)

In drifts of high spring
My blossoming song
Surges in my heartland-blues, o fair muse

If lonesome hours pass me by
A searing sun may wilt her dry
She may be disgraced by dust diffuse, o fair muse

With yearning ache I hope that you alight
My time ends soon, my heart is in plight

In the dark groves reveal yourself to her
Let your gracious hands softly secure
Clad her as a pendant, with tenderness profuse, o fair muse

*An attempt has been made to restore the original rhythm of the song

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