Feb 21, 2012

When worldly matters occupy my mind

সংসার যবে মন কেড়ে লয়
shongshar jobe mon kere loy

When worldly matters occupy my mind
When the heart is awakened no more
Even then my Lord, I bow to you
I keep on singing your songs

You who are all-knowing
Forgive the worthless offering of this barren heart
My worship sans flowers
My song devoid of devotion

I call out your name in a parched voice
I hope with all my heart
For the sweet rain of a love profound to pour down upon my soul

If asudden you choose to bestow me with your nectar
I offer my barren heart at your feet with that faith

- 1901

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  1. A wonderful translation and a great job done. I congratulate your relentless work in this direction.