Feb 21, 2012

Don’t keep me in darkness

আর রেখো না আঁধারে
aar rekho na aandhare

Don’t keep me in darkness anymore,
Let me see, O let me see
In you let me see my own self

If you make me cry, let me cry out my heart
I can bear no more the weariness of comfort
Let my eyes be washed clean by my tears
Let me see, O let me see

I do not know this dark shadow
That embraces me like a friend
And beclouds my mind
Casting a deep illusion

One dream after another pile up
A burden weighing me down
My lifelong pursuit is but in vain -
That light of mine lies hidden
On the other shore of night
Let me see, O let me see

- 20th April 1926

Another translation by Anandamayee Majumdar:

Clear away the dark, let me see
my heart in your beams
let me see

If you will, I will weep
Pleasure is not for me
Let my eyes drown
Let me see

This gloom is far to me
But how it fakes affinity

My dreams pile up in heaps,
Life heavy with empty seekings

My beams eclipsed,
let me see.

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