Feb 24, 2012

The room you allot me in this world

সংসারে তুমি রাখিলে মোরে যে ঘরে
shongshare tumi rakhile more je ghore

The room you allot me in this world
There I’ll stay forgetting all woe
With your own hand be so kind
To keep a door open through night and day

In all my work and leisure
That door will be for you to come
From there will the wind waft in
Fetching the dust of your feet

As each shelter of mine gets demolished
Let my heart stay focused on one refuge
Whenever I suffer the singes of sorrow
Let one name be seared into my heart

When in tough times
Pain sets up home in my heart
Let it arrive bearing your command
When harsh words strike at my soul
Let each wound awaken your melody

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