Feb 7, 2012

Who lavishes His loving hands

আকাশে দুই হাতে প্রেম বিলায়
Akashe dui haate prem bilay (youtube link)

Who lavishes His loving hands
From the heavens, I wonder
A cascade of ceaseless bliss
Moving, bending far and wide,
The trees pack it away in leaves
The earth holds it up with glee
Children, sorely soak it up
Birds, paint it on their wings
The child seeks it in mother's heart,  
The mother eyes it in her child's face;
It shines, like fire stoked by grief,
It falls, like tears, down to earth, 
It flows, into life from the bleeding heart
ith a death-like halo, of the fallen brave
It dances in measures of ruin and birth
It travels forever, through time and space

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