Feb 21, 2012

Shaken by an absent wandering drift

এই   উদাসী হাওয়ার পথে পথে
 Ei udashi hawar pothe pothe (audio: Srikanta Acharya)

The buds keep falling to earth
Shaken by an absent, wandering drift
Gather them, with your gracious hands,
For I have heaped them at your feet

When I am gone, they will bloom
When you weld a floral wreathe
Let your fingers remember me

The sleepless cuckoo sings her blues
In an intense, enthralled night
Of broken-heartedness

Exchanged whispers in the air,
A pair's elation of blossoming love
Steadily melt into moonbeams of
A young spring sky of Dol*;

These sweet tunes will be saved
In the garland you fondly weld
For you to reminisce in posterity,
On a slow, placid afternoon

*Dol: The first full moon in spring - a celebration of colours (Holi) is observed in many places in the Indian subcontinent

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