Feb 22, 2012

My last penny, my tunes, I've borne

আমার শেষ পারানির কড়ি (কণ্ঠে নিলেম গান)
Amar shesh paranir kori / Konthe nilem gaan  (audio: Kanika Bandyopadhyay)

My last penny, my tunes, I've borne
I'll not be left on the shores alone.

My oarsman, devotee of songs
I'll entice him with my solo score,
Wage my sailing with his boat
To get my place on the other shore.

I do not care if I touch
My destiny, the airs are drunk
With melodies of the far
That bleeds, entreats my reeling heart.

My friends, you vainly bother so,
On whether I would leave or not.
Leave I will, leave I must,
Unlacing every string and knot.

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