Feb 21, 2012

My eyes see you not yet you fill my eyes

নয়ন তোমারে পায় না দেখিতে
noyon tomare paay na dekhite

My eyes see you not
Yet you fill my eyes
My heart knows you not
Yet you dwell there in secret

My mind races in all directions
Crazed by the relentless clutch of desire
You stay ever awake with a tranquil gaze
In my deepest being, in sleep, in dreams

She who is alone, deserted by one and all
For her you are, your love there is
He who is homeless, a refugee of the road
For him there is a place in your abode

Not a friend there is but you
Ahead in the vastness of life
You ply across the ocean of time
None there is who knows how

All I know is - I am because you are
You overflow with life and so I live
The more I seem to attain you
The more I pray and seek
The more I know of you
The more I have left to know

I know I will attain you forever
In this world and beyond,
Through this epoch and beyond
You and me, none in between
No other barrier in this world

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