Mar 1, 2012

We are but children

আমরা যে শিশু অতি
amra je shishu oti

We are but children, our minds immature
At each step, O Father, we slip and fall
Why then show us your wrathful form
Why the occasional frown

Pray, do not be angry with us
Tell us gently where we have erred

A thousand times you pick us up
A thousand times we fall, we fail
Such is the lot of the frail

The earth is our home
It's dust blinds our vision
We were born as children
And so with dust we play
Give us courage O Lord
You who are the refuge of the weak
Assure us of your presence

If we make one mistake
Will you never draw us to your lap
Will you then turn away
And leave us grounded
With our consciousness forever veiled

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