Nov 9, 2009

Many a time I eavesdrop

আমি কান পেতে রই
aami kaan petey roi (audio)

Many a time I eavesdrop at the distant gates of my own heart
Who is it, that mysterious dweller
The one whose secrets I so wish to hear
Many a time I strive to hear
The story behind the laughter and tears

There it is, the bee wanders from it’s path in quest of a hidden flower
Which bird is it that sings alone at night in a darkness sans friend
Many a time I strive to hear

Who is he to me, who knows
A bit do I glimpse of his glow
A bit more I guess and gauge
Even less do I realise

Oftentimes his missive finds expression in my speech;
His words come to me wrapped in melody of song
Many a time when I listen in quiescence

(Another version by Anandamayee Majumdar)

I hover at the gateways to my heart
Intently listening to the secrets of the soul
Who lives within,
Who plays out her joys and aches
Ever so often.

In that realm of the soul where bees flit,
Absently yearning for a covert blue lotus,
A nameless bird lilts in the lonesome dark.

How we both are linked, who can say.
Sometimes I glimpse an aura
Sometimes, it is a sheer glimmer
And the rest remains concealed.

Yet isn't there that magical instance
When she speaks her missives through mine?
I know how I keep receiving her gifts of eloquence
Wrapped in symphony, ever so often.

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