Nov 11, 2009

Morning through dusk I spend my hours

আমার বেলা যে যায় সাঁঝবেলাতে
aamaar bela je jaay (audio)

Morning through dusk
I spend my hours
tuning my instrument with yours in harmony.

My Ektara has but one string ;
It fails to bear all the tears that songs evoke
However hard I try
I keep losing to you in this game
time and again.

This one string of mine
Reverberates to the tunes of a nearby world
While the flute that you play
Resounds far, far away.
Can anyone simply
Join in the orchestra
That plays within the heart of the universe
And resonate to the very own voice
Of its soul?

Can anyone simply
Tune one's instrument with yours
In perfect harmony?

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