Mar 23, 2012

An absent breeze in its wake

এই উদাসী হাওয়ার পথে পথে  
Ei udashi hawar pothe pothe (audio: Srikanta Acharya)

An absent breeze in its wake
Sends green buds shimmering to the earth
I have gathered them with love
As I lay them down at your feet
Won't you graciously accept?

When I am gone let them bloom
As you weld them together
I hope your fingers remember me
With sweet, tearful memories

The pitiful cuckoo, awake tonight
Hums her fruitless longing
Into the enthralled darkness
The memory of a couple's whispers
The magical trance of togetherness
Waft away with the moonbeams
Towards the full moon of Dol

These images will find their way
Into the wreathe you weld today
So that you can revoke them
Sometime later in your daydreams
On a slow, sleepy afternoon

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