Mar 31, 2012

The bright red blossom of sunset

দিনশেষের রাঙা মুকুল
Dinoshesher ranga mukul / Din shesher ranga mukul (audio)  

The bright red blossom of sunset
Blazes in my heart.
I wait for it to transform
Into blooming love,
Like a nodding bud in the drift of dark,
Like a bud that greets you on your way
Fragrantly, as you take your steps to my heart
When love blossoms at last.

Do not let the night go in vain
Dearest one, arrive within,
Penetrate my deepest melody.

Seep into the fullest moments of our meet.
Permeate the garden of tuberose
Like a dream of my night.
Arrive at last, when love blossoms.

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