Mar 8, 2012

My bird, bird of my nest

পাখি আমার নীড়ের পাখি 
Pakhi amar neerer pakhi (audio)

My bird, bird of my nest,
Is spry with urge, I wonder why.
Has she heard in the farthest sky
The purling whispers by the light of dawn!
A call from the clouds stirs her wings,
Those drowsy plumes  would love to fly.
An absent blue strokes her heart,
The gentle blue of the morning sky.

My bird, bird of my nest
Soars away lost in depths.
She does not look for anyone,
She does not wish to catch her day.
Her pitcher is now full of songs
That she would love to give away,
To pour her heart's every phrase
Into the silent sea of lays.

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