Mar 8, 2012

Many are those who give directions

আমায় ছ জনায় মিলে
amay chho jonay mile

Many are those who give directions
And so I lose my way at each step
Many wise ones weave many a word
And so I waver in doubt

I yearn to go to you
To listen to you and allay my confusion
I’m deafened by their disputes
The mutterings of the multitudes

When stricken with grief I seek you
They screen me crowding around
And so I’m left groping in the dust
I do not get to touch your feet

The zillion slivers of my self
Hustle about in a zillion directions
They squabble among themselves
Who do I control? What do I do?
What a plight I am in!
My one self contains multitudes

Gather me up into a whole
Tying me with your love
Show me the one path in its entirety
I cry out confounded in conundrums
Draw me to your feet

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