Mar 8, 2012

I glimpse you now and then

মাঝে মাঝে তব দেখা পাই
majhe majhe tobo dekha pai

I glimpse you now and then
Why not forever more?
Why do clouds engulf my heart?
Not letting me see
The clouds of illusion blind me
Not letting me see

In a sliver of light in the blink of an eye
When I catch a glimpse of you
I am ever fearful of losing you
Only to lose you in a flash
I lose you before my hopes are met
I lose you before I can blink my eye
I lose you before my heart is soothed
I lose you in a flash

Tell me how to attain you
To keep you within my sight
Where will I find so much love O Lord?
To give you place in my heart
Can I dare to?
If you are not kind who can dare?
If you do not come yourself
Who can keep you in their heart?

None else will I look up to
If you command, I will this very moment
With all my heart and soul
Surrender my passions and possessions
I will surrender at your feet
I will surrender without hesitation
I will surrender to you my passions and possessions


  1. অনুবাদ-টা মোটেই মনোগ্রাহী হয়নি!

    1. Really? could you try a better one please?

  2. Rabindra Sangeet are too exceptional to be appraised by mere words....

  3. Thanks for the transliteration! It was much needed, after I fell in luv with the song..
    Respect - from an amazed & mesmerized Punjabi.

  4. Thanks for the lovely translation!
    Its quite amazing to see how a Rabrindra sangeet can be an answer to all your questions, a perfect melody for all your moods and perhaps a beautiful string for all the scattered thoughts of mind!

    1. One must go through Rabindra sangeet to know the real meaning of love

    2. One must go through Rabindra sangeet to know the real meaning of love

  5. Eita emon ekta gan j gan sunle mone hoi j oi j bohu dur er tara gulo amk dakche nijer kache, mone hoi jeno tara tim tim kore dekha hicche r amk bolche j tui o aaai amder sathe 😥😥😥😥 Khubi miss kori kacher sei sob jon der jader sei sob chobi mone bhese othe majhe majhe