Mar 8, 2012

Knowingly, I remain oblivious

আমি জেনে শুনে তবু ভুলে আছি
ami jene shune tobu bhule aachhi

Knowingly, I remain oblivious
My day goes by in vain
I long to take your path
But face many a roadblock
The immortal path where shines your light
On that path of fearlessness

They surround me on all sides
Entangling me in many bondages
I wish to free myself but cannot
They keep me immersed in illusions
They keep me tied
Away from your embrace they keep me tied

Destroy this comfort of earthly life
I have no need for this game
In oblivion, the day goes by, ends the play, in oblivion

Let your thunder clap in my heart
Kindle the fire of pain with it
Sweep me off in my own tears and then wipe my eyes
The tears that arise from the sorrow you give
The tears that wash away all disgrace

Emptying my heart, make your place in that space
Come and be my Lord, pray do not forget me
The void in my heart, stay there filling it with joy, the void in my heart

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