Mar 8, 2012

Save the wretched, O Lord

তারো তারো, হরি, দীনজনে
taro taro hori deenojone

Save the wretched, O Lord
Summon them to your path
Those who couldn’t offer their prayers, O benevolent One

I cannot see deliverance from this boundless ocean
My life is worn out with sin and sorrow
Amidst death and decay, give me a refuge
Shelter this weak and enfeebled self

Night envelops me, the lights go out
My day goes by in futile tasks
I have no road, nor the means to travel
I call out to you with all my soul
I wander about directionless
Straying far away from you
I lose my way in the lowest of the low worlds
My eyes blinded by illusion

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