Mar 11, 2012

My cup of woe brims over

বেদনায় ভরে গিয়েছে পেয়ালা
Bedonay bhore giyechhe peyala (audio)

My cup of woe brims over
Do take it
I’ve poured into it cleaving my heart
Do partake it

Holding close that overflowing cup
I’ve wandered through the night
My dearest, do accept it at the break of dawn

My desire has tinged it with colour
Do lift it to your crimson lips
Let it absorb your breath
     and the floral fragrance of the morn
Let it reflect the glow in your eyes

Another version by Anandamayee Majumdar

The wine of my heart
Wrung with pain, fulls my cup
For you to sup, to drink.

I carried it, brimful,
Through the nightfall.
Have it now;
It has aged with light.

It reaps it's glow
From my burning, whole desires;
Savor, with your sunshine lips,
With compassion.

The flower-some aura of dawn into it,
Lay your eyes on it --
This quintessential milk of my soul

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