Mar 2, 2012

Where are you Lord

কোথা আছ, প্রভু, এসেছি দীনহীন
kotha aachho probhu

Where are you Lord
I’ve come to you weary and weak
Not a shelter I have in this wide world
I’ve wandered far and wide
Calling your name in distress
Won’t you respond?
Won’t you look at me?
Will you leave me in this fathomless dark?
Night falls, I do not know the way
I am all alone amidst this forest

O Mother, draw me to your lap
This tired child seeks rest
Quench her thirst with nectar
Soothe her with your affection
Forsaking you, she had gone afar
She weeps today having lost her way
She won’t leave anymore
She’ll stay close to you
Holding your hand, she’ll walk without fear

Come O Lord,
Look upon me with fondness
Assuage my pain
I’ll find strength anew
I’ll wipe off my tears
I’ll touch your feet and my wants will be met

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