Mar 25, 2012

In the dusty dusk of my ashen life (2)

ধূসর জীবনের গোধূলিতে ক্লান্ত মলিন যেই স্মৃতি
dhushor jiboner godhulite klanto molin jei smriti

In the dusty dusk of my ashen life
Memory that is dark and worn out
My song brings colour to that faded picture

The colour that lurks in the pollen of spring bloom
The colour that touches the chirping of the morning bird
The colour that pours into the shades of Piyal
The luminance of the seventh day of the bright fortnight

That image sways to the pulse in my veins
That image mingles with the rushing ripples of capricious cascades
She floats on the southern breeze
She smiles with the full moon
She is my very own companion of dreams

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