Mar 23, 2011

Do take me unto you my Lord

তুমি এবার আমায় লহো হে নাথ
tumi ebar amay loho hey nath

Do take me unto you my Lord
Pray, do not turn away this time
Stay on, occupying my heart

The days I've passed in your absence
I wish not to look back at them
Let them sink into oblivion

Unfurling my life in your light
May I now be ever awake

In which stupor of words galore
Roved have I from pillar to post
Whisper now into my heart
Your own words in your voice

Many vices much evasion still lurk
Within the recesses of my heart
Do not spurn me for that Oh Lord
Set them ablaze in fire

- 11th April 1910

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