Mar 12, 2011

An upbeat spring awaits you at the gates

আজি  বসন্ত জাগ্রত দ্বারে
Aji boshonto jagroto daare

An upbeat spring awaits you at the gates

Don't you let her down
With cloaks of reluctance
Simply let bloom your garden within
Let go the images of friend and foe.

In this sky filled with music
Let your aura waft and flow,

Your beauty thrive with exuberance
In the world outside.

An intense ache resonates
In the arbor-leaves,
Awaiting whom in the far sky
Does an yearning earth dress herself? 

The southern breeze has touched my soul
Whose door-rap is it waiting for?
The night today is laden  with aroma,
Whose footsteps keep her eagerly awake?
O my Beautiful love,
For whom do you send this profound gesture?

1 comment:

  1. With the spring enlivened today on your doorway
    Let not your anxious life veiled in darkness dispel its beauty
    With the spring enlivened today on your doorway
    Let your heart blossom and bloom like a million flowers
    In merging confines of the near and the far
    In the fragrant music of the skies
    Let your soul exude the aroma like the waves of the ocean
    Let your soul transcend to another world of awakening and emanate your sweet perfume
    Ah! In the fathomless forests of your heart...
    ...a grief resonates in every leaf of every branch...
    At the distant horizon... who does the earth look upon longingly?
    And in its waiting... embellish Herself?!
    Softly the south wind stirs in my soul...
    And longingly knocks at the doors of your heart
    By whose feet does this perfumed night.... whirl to find refuge?
    Oh my beautiful beloved
    Who do you call in thy thunderous voice?