Mar 25, 2011

Whose missive does the full moon

ফাগুনের পূর্ণিমা এল কার লিপি হাতে
Phagoonero poornima elo kaar lipi haate

Whose missive does the full moon
Bring tonight in Phalgoon*?
The message I can not fathom 
A pain fills my heart.
In Nature's first sunrise over the hills,
In which shores of Life unknown,

Did this message emerge?
In sublime sweetness of meeting nights.
Blossoms of the Madhobi** ever so often
Bring remembrances of celebrations
Of lovers' union, in nights lost beyond memory.
What magic spreads in the breeze like a dream?
Shadows shudder in the bamboo forests
With approaching footsteps invisible.

*Phalgoon - the first month of spring in Bengal.
**Madhobi - a sweet smelling spring blossom of Bengal.

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