Mar 26, 2011

Peeping from the nook of my heart

আমার মনের কোণের বাইরে
amar moner koner baire (audio)

Peeping from the nook of my heart
Throwing open it’s casement
I look out time and again

In a plaintive melody
Wafting from which beyond
Whose presence is it I sense
A moment ago I felt it
Now it is no more

My eyes wander far and wide
In search of which evening star

Whose shadow brushes me so
Ripples a thrill through my heart
And I hum softly within


  1. Congratulate the team for taking this up. I had been introduced to Rabindra Sangeeth very recently. Since I do not follow Bangla,( Am from Kerala) I thought I should share my desperation here as data points if you are planning to work on it.
    1. Its easy to find the songs, its available on youtube and other websites.
    2. Very hard to find the lyrics in English, so there is no possibility of learning to sing
    3. Could not find the meaning in English, until I discovered this site :) Good Job, Congratulations to the team behind.

    Thanks and regards

    1. Hello Raj

      Thanks for your encouraging words.
      The lyrics in English can be found at