Mar 27, 2011

Night and day for whom I stay

দিবস রজনী, আমি যেন কার
dibosho rojoni ami jeno kaar

Night and day for whom I stay
Agog with expectation
Thus enraptured is my heart
Startled so my hearing
These eyes fervid with yearning

Restlessly I roam around
Ever hoping for a glimpse --
“Who comes” I look with a start
At each tweet in the forests

In wakeful hours I see not
I live in hope of dreams --
If I sight in veil of sleep
Ensnare I will in dreams

One I love so much
Want with all my heart
Never do I feel
With me she is not
As if my deep desire
A force passionate
Draws her close to me

(another version by Anondo Majumdar)

For whom do I keep my hope alight,
Night and day, I wonder.
My mind so heedful,
My ears so alert,
My eyes so keen with longing.

Restless, I wander,
Hoping to catch his glimpse.
Even when a bird whistles in the trees
Startled, 'Who comes there!', I wonder.

He is never there in my wakeful hour,
I await him in my dreams
As if to secure him with reverie,
In the hidden canopy of my slumber.

Someone so profoundly I love,
Someone so profusely I desire
Would he still be far away from me?
Would my impassioned heart
Not be enough to summon him?

1 comment:

  1. posted my version :)

    All day and all night I keep hoping
    To catch a glance of the elusive you.
    My mind, my ears keep I sharp
    Avid eyes keep I gazing
    Keep I that thirst unceasing.

    Restive keep I roaming
    Prepared am I for a rendezvous.
    Letting out an impulsive "Hello?"
    As startle I at a garden bird's tweet.

    If my wakeful wait goes futile,
    Still wait will I for her into my dream.
    If she secretly slips from behind my sleepy veil
    Will make I some surreal threads
    And draw her close by me.

    Never did feel I lost her,
    My amorous she.
    Always believe I my ardent longings
    And unbridled emotions
    Will pull her right before me.