Mar 28, 2011

Tonight in my solitary home

আজি বিজন ঘরে নিশীথরাতে
Aji bijono ghore nishitho raate (audio)

Tonight in my solitary room, if you show up, empty-handed
Do you think that would dishearten me!
How deeply would I know, my friend,
that I had your hands to touch.
My day is warped in hunger and haves,
and now I feel a calling to stand out to you.
Let the sky be painted dark,
my heart be full of your presence.
I have been vacillating with life so long, in my oversight;
now I would love to be drawn by both edges -- life and death, alike.

(another version by Rumela)

If you come with an empty hand
To my solitary room in the mid of night
What do I have to fear!
I know my friend, I know for sure
Your loving touch will be there for me

I somehow whiled away my days
Stumbling through the alleys
Of what I wanted, what I gained
Now it is time to bring myself to you

Let the darkness be as it is
Blinding all sense of direction
Let your loving touch linger
Pervading my heart

Tossed along the waves of life
I was oblivious to my own self
Now you will draw me close to you

Gather me up between life and death


  1. Never came across such lucid and yet, near perfect translation of any of Rabindranath's poetry. Anandamayee Majumdar has done full justice to the spirit of the original poem (Aji Bijono Ghore Nishitho Raate) while maintaining the rhyming. It is a sheer pleasure reading this translated version of the poem.

    1. Thank you for your kind feedback. The pleasure is mine to know that it has served some purpose, somewhere!

  2. That was indeed a superb translation..Anondomoyee.It was a sheer pleasure to go thru the whole piece.

  3. That is indeed a superb is a sheer pleasure to go thru the whole piece.

  4. The above translations are beautiful, particularly the second one. May I add my own translation here?
    In this dark night if you come empty-handed into the lonely room,
    shall I be distressed!
    I know my friend I know
    there is your hand to hold.
    Days have gone by in endless longings,
    now is the time to give up the self to you.
    Let there be darkness shrouding the sky all over,
    may my heart be filled with your touch.
    Swinging in the ordeals of life
    I forgot my own self.
    Now you shall bring me to your fold
    from the ends of life and death.
    Rabindra Ghosh