Mar 26, 2011

With love my friend do etch my name

ভালোবেসে সখী নিভৃতে যতনে
bhalobeshe shokhi nibhrite jotone (audio)

With love and gentle care my friend
Do etch my name
In secluded shrine of your heart

The song that plays in my heart
Do learn it’s beat
In tinkle of your anklet bells

Caress with tender affection
My bird of song
In the garden of your palace

Do remember my dearest friend
To tie a thread
With my name on your bright bangles

Unmindfully from my blossoms
Do pluck a bud
To wreathe into your long tresses

A vermillion dot in my name
Do let it adorn your forehead
Encircled with scent of sandal

Sweet delight of my bewitched heart
Let it mingle
With the fragrance of your being

This my ardent life and death
Do plunder it
With your glory that is peerless

1 comment:

  1. Is this song dedicated to spouse or a friend you love deep inside?