Mar 11, 2011

Sorrow of your separation

হেরি অহরহ তোমারি বিরহ
heri ohoroho tomari biroho
(Tagore's own translation)

Sorrow of your separation
Proclaims itself over the world

Many a form it takes
On hills and dales
Many a garb it dons
From sky to sea

Amidst star spangled skies
In silence it awaits
Steadfast so in its gaze
In showering monsoons
Rings out its melody
In leaves tinkled by rain

Looms much woe in many a home
A pain intense of estrangement
Stems forth in all work, all desires
In all love, all joys, all sorrows

Distracting me throughout my life
It melts and flows in many a song
Taking its space within my heart

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