Mar 10, 2011

Step out of your small little self

আপন হতে বাহির হয়ে বাইরে দাঁড়া
apon hote bahir hoye baire dara (audio)

Step out of your small little self
Feel your pulse beat to the rhythm
Of this world wide and wondrous

This wave that surges forth
Let it dance within you
And stir your very core

You who are busy as a bee
Do alight, sit still amidst the azure
Be swathed in the gold pollen of sunlight

Where freedom knows no bounds
There unfurl your two wings
Amidst one and all set yourself free

Another version by Anandamayee Majumdar:

Step out in the world
Touch the breath beyond your own,
And the universe will vibrate within.

This grand, cosmic wave
Let it lilt, lap, lunge in your heart
Have your soul sing to it.

Hold yourself in this blue paradigm
Like a restful bee, sifted with sun-dust
Of a dawning sky.

Splay your wings in the space
Of an endless recess
Swimming in the sweet breadth
Where every being heaves and teems.

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